Sunday, 10 September 2017

What's in My Maternity/Hospital Bag?

As a first time mother to be, I have no idea what I am doing. However, after a lot of googling and watching Youtube videos, me and my mother have packed my hospital bag. I am due on the 22nd of September so thought we should probably get on top of it. I thought I would write a post on it to help prompt any other mothers in regards to ideas of what to take, and see if anyone has any useful hints and tips to leave in the comments! It's definitely difficult to know what exactly you need as everyone has such different experiences. I could be in and out in the same day, in which case I have majorly overpacked, or I could be in for a week. A lot of people have the minimum in one bag and a back up bag at home to be retrieved if needed, but me and my mother decided we are going to overpack and take one bag for the baby and one bag for myself. I've filmed a video showing all the individual items which you can find below, but I thought having a visible list will also be useful!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Homeware Wishlist | September '17

I love homeware shopping. It is definitely my favourite kind of shopping, even over make-up (shock-horror!). I've noticed a lot of the shops are stocking new season homeware in, so I thought why not make a wishlist of all the stuff I'd purchase if I had the money (sadly I don't)!

Sunday, 27 August 2017

August Favourites | 2017

It is now the end of August... which is madness! I'm not sure whether I'll get a September favourites up as I am due to have a baby towards the end of that month, so I thought I better get one up for this month. A lot of my favourites are from my makeup haul, which I suppose is a good thing as it means I didn't waste my money! I've also got back into filming YouTube videos after a short break, so you can find the link to that favourites video at the end. Let me know if you subscribe and have a channel yourself :) Right, lets get into it!


Monday, 21 August 2017

My Baby Shower

I wasn't sure whether I was going to write a post on my baby shower, but then I decided to go ahead and do it as my memory is bloomin' awful, so it'll be nice to look back on. I was originally going to take lots of photos or vlog, but there were so many people and so much going on that I just enjoyed the day instead! 

Friday, 18 August 2017

How To: Save Money

I have had to really focus on not spending anything extra than what I have to since becoming pregnant. I am very aware of the super low income I will be trying to survive off whilst on maternity and all the things that I need to buy for the baby. Therefore, I have been trying and testing different methods to help save some money. This post is a list of things that I have found are quite useful for either saving money generally, or getting yourself a bit of a discount on items without having to completely go without.


Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Makeup Haul & First Impressions

I haven't bought myself anything for months (apart from a vacuum and other boring items). I am trying desperately to save money, but I also ran out of basically all my makeup whilst doing so. I managed to get myself out of my overdraft so I rewarded myself with purchasing some items (...logic). Kiko had a big sale on (they're a pretty low priced brand anyway) and a £5 off for subscribing so I went a bit mad on their website. I also caved and ended up on the John Lewis website buying a couple of items from Urban Decay, two guesses what I bought? Finally, the lovely guys at Glo Minerals sent me a few of their items, so I thought I would include those within this post as well! I also got the Tarte Concealer (finally!) and a gift set, but they are taking forever to be delivered and I am impatient! 

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Badass Bloggers That Inspire & Motivate Me

Blogging is a massive industry. In comparison to some, I haven't been writing for long (around a year), however, I have followed bloggers for years and years. There are a few 'stand out' bloggers that I have read their content for years and they continue to inspire me on a daily basis when it comes to my own blog. This is everything from personality, style, photography and content. If you want to know who these 'badass b******' are, then keep on reading...
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