Sunday, 9 October 2016

Pinterest Inspiration: Interior / Home - Office Edition

I am a massive fan of Pinterest. Anytime I feel like I need some inspiration, it's the website/app I head to (my Pinterest is JaynieShannonx). I especially love it for interior/homewear inspiration! I thought I'd focus on 'office spaces' in this post that I love the style of. I don't have a designated office, just a desk in the corner of the lounge but, I do hope to make it look similar to these (when I finally get the funds)!

I think I may have a slight monochrome theme happening... I do like hints of metal tones too though, so I would definitely work this in. I also really want to get a mac desktop, however, that will definitely take a lot of saving unfortunately! I think that having prints and pictures definitely warms up an office environment/desk. I love personal touches and think it makes it feel a lot more comfortable and homely, rather than your 9-5 office.

All these images are from Pinterest, none of these are my own.



  1. pinterest is my biggest obsession at the moment. currently, i have my desk set up in our living room but my dream is to have an office just for me. that would be so nice.

    1. Pinterest is the best! Some of the images are amazing. Xx


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