Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Skincare: Getting Rid of Pores

I've always had very obvious pores across my nose and chin. They really annoy me and I've been looking for different products to try and minimise them. I was contacted to try a couple of products from https://www.myscheming.co.uk that help with pores. I received the Blackhead Acne Removal Activated Carbon 3 Steps Mask Set and the Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. 

This product comes with three separate items. The first is a 'Deep Pore Sebum Softener', the second is the 'Carbon Mask' and finally the 'Skin Clarifying Pore Treatment Essence'. The three products combine priming the skin to open pores, removing dirt from the pores, followed by the last product which closes them. Due to this product being Chinese/Taiwan based originally, the English directions are transcribed. The instructions themselves aren't perfect but they are clear enough to understand what you need to do with each item. The sebum, felt like a normal serum, just to prep the skin. The mask itself gets firm whilst it is on your face (you leave it on for around 25 minutes), so trying to have a conversation with it all over your face can be difficult! I would recommend only using the mask on the areas you want to target. I went a little crazy and did my whole face. Peeling it off the chin and nose area (where my pores are large) didn't hurt at all, however, around the edges of my face, it wasn't particularly therapeutic to remove. Finally, I used the step 3 to cleanse and close the pores. I finished using my normal moisturiser. I could tell that the mask had definitely removed some of the dirt from my pores after the first use, I had a couple of very small bumps where it was clearing my skin, but nothing noticeable unless you were examining my face. I have only used this product a couple of times, but plan to continue using it to get all the nasty stuff out of my pores and have the flawless skin I am after!

I have seen a few different bloggers and Youtubers using the bubble masks. I had been really intrigued to try one out so I was super excited about this item. It comes in a decent sized tub which is easy to access all of the product. You only need a small amount of this, so I think it will last me quite a long time. Again, I have used this a couple of times and I really liked this mask. I massaged a small amount into the skin for around a minute. I then left the mask on for a further 5 minutes. It began to 'fizz' and 'bubble' on the skin which felt very strange, yet weirdly relaxing at the same time. I then washed it off with water and examined my face. I noticed a slight increase in better pores, however, it's worth noting that this product is to be used a couple of times a week to see results, therefore, I haven't really given it a fair test yet. My skin felt super nice after using it, it was so soft I just kept stroking my own face. It was a completely different product to anything I've used before and I definitely think that I will continue to use it over time to help my pores. It is a quicker process than the 3 step mask, which means it is easier to do a few times a week. I will then help my pores further by using the carbon mask on pamper days! 

Have you used these products or anything similar? What do you use to try and control pores?

Side note: I have been a little MIA from social media and blogging recently. I do have a pretty good reason which I will explain eventually, but for now I will work on getting more regular content back up! 


The products discussed were gifted to me, I was not paid to write this post*

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  1. I would love to try a clay mask! I think it would do wonders for my skin!


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