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Tips: How to be more organised

I am not a naturally organised person. I am definitely more chaotic and forgetful. I've always wanted to be one of those super  'on top of life' people, but it is safe to say, I am not. My mother, for example, is annoyingly organised, the woman has a place for everything! Due to my natural nightmarish mind set, I have to actively try different methods and ways of being organised. So, the blogger side of me thought - why not make a post on the ways that I have found personally useful to stay on top of work/blogging and everyday life.

My previous 'How to' post (how to lead a more positive lifestyle), proved to be oone of my most viewed pieces of writing. It was also the one I think I enjoyed writing the most. So, why not continue to do 'how to' posts if I enjoy writing them and others enjoy reading them!

Continue on reading if you want to sort your shit out.
PS take a shot for every time I say organised/organisation. Joking. Don't to that. It won't help.

1. Don't rely on your memory

I always make this mistake. God knows why when I have a terrible memory. I have a habit of thinking of something important I need to do and saying to myself 'I will note that down in a second'.  I of course then wonder off, do something else, maybe make a cup of tea, have a snack, realise I had something important to do but I didn't write it down and now it's gone forever. 
Just stop what you are doing (unless it's driving or something dangerous), and write it down! Even though I personally prefer using notepads etc, I have switch bags and the notebook will get left behind/forgotten. Therefore, for practical reasons, I throw it straight into my notes on my phone. I very rarely forget my phone, so the chances are it is a lot more likely to be to hand when I either think of the task, or need to complete the task. Make lists upon lists and delete or check them off as you go! I have to often speak about organisation within my job and there a lot of different apps out there that can help. I tend to just stick to notes as I am lazy, but apps such as 'evernote', 'google docs' and 'forget the milk' are great. 'Dragon Dictation'  is also good if you'd rather dictate your thoughts than write them.

2. Get Motivated

If you are like me and organisation is not natural, it can be difficult to find the motivation to force yourself to be so. I had to clean out and organise my clothing recently and I will be honest with you, I was dreading it. Some people do this regularly, I have never done it in my life. I am (for once) not being dramatic. I had clothing that I purchased when I was a young teen, still hanging around. There were items of clothing on the floor, spread between 2 wardrobes and 2 washing baskets, 3 sets of drawers and even in the odd travel bag. I knew it was going to be a nightmare of a clear out, so I decided to watch some YouTube videos of closet/room organisations. It helped so much, just to get me into the right frame of mind to start. Other things such as Pinterest and Instagram can also help get you into the swing of things. I threw on a great playlist and organised my ass off for 3 days straight. After it was done I felt so bliming good!

3. Donate/Ditch & Clear Out

Following on from my last point, having a good clear out makes it so much easier to keep on top of things. As much as I mock my mother for her weird ways, it seems to work a lot better than my 'I thought it was here' method. As I stated, I cleared out all of my clothes. I had 3 bags to donate (some brand new items with the tags still on!) and a couple to get rid of. I had to be brutal when it came to deciding as I kept trying to convince myself I needed items that I hadn't worn in 3 years.
I put everything into piles, what would be donated, what would be binned, what I wanted to keep but was either the wrong season or I can't get my big pregnant belly in and then normal items. I then washed everything (which took a stupidly long time) and put everything in a specific place. Granted I wouldn't recommend waiting 10 years to do this (like I did), but instead, I would say maybe every 4-6 months (depending on your spending habits). Try and do this with everything, go through that pile of papers that has been sat there for months and maybe even move some furniture around and change things up a bit. It makes you feel a lot better and the cheesy old phrase 'tidy home, tidy mind', really does come into play here.

4. Use a Diary

I love a pretty diary. I have a beautiful one from Ella Iconic that sit's proudly upon my desk,  but never gets used. Again, I love stationary and pretty items, but I forget to use them because they're not in plain sight when I need them. So, I resort to using my phone again. I just use the built in calendar that is on my iPhone, but there are probably far better ones out there. I have only started doing this over the past couple months and it really does make a difference. I have found that since being pregnant and living in my flat, I have no choice other than to start using a diary. Exciting things such as, midwife appointment, doctors appointments, dentist appointments, take the car to the garage, pay this bill all are thrown in the old iPhone diary so when my mother rings to ask me, I have the information right there!

5. Storage

Like with stationary, I am a sucker for cute looking storage. Whether it it be nice white baskets or glass jars, I do love purchasing storage. I have found that I am a lot more likely to organise and tidy when I have specific (nice looking) places to put things. For example, I bought large glass jars from Ikea to keep pasta in, this cleared out some room in my cupboards and the jars look nice sat on the side.  I've found a lot of my storage in Ikea, The Range and B&M. If you don't have access these, there are a lot of places online such as etsy!

What methods do you find useful for organisation?

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  1. Oh gosh, my memory is the worst. I did the exact same thing: "oh, yes, this is really important, I should remember that" then immediately get distracted. I've been making a point to write down important thoughts now.
    Ivory Avenue

    1. Haha I know right?! It's definitely one of the habits I find most annoying about myself! X

  2. To do lists are the best way to keep me organised. Especially listing it in order of priority and when to do what things. I don't know what I'd do without lists and it feels good scratching off each item on the list.

    1. Love a good to do list! Though sometimes I'll put more effort into the writing the list than actually completing it!

  3. So many good tips! Personally, I love a good clear out! xxxx

    1. Might just get ya to do mine on a bi-monthly basis so I don't have to 😂 Xx

  4. Couldn't agree more with not relying on your memory!! I've actually got a really good short term memory so used to just remember stuff but now I write things down JUST IN CASE and I'm much more organised than I used to be!

    The Makeup Directory

    1. It makes such a difference! I'm keeping on track of things a lot easier since doing it xx

  5. absolutely love your writing style - especially that you keep the swear words in haha, girl after my own heart! xx

    1. Hahaha thanks! I always wonder whether I should swear in posts but I prefer to show my personality within my writing... which would definitely include swearing 😂 Xx

  6. So true its better to write it down sometimes i do remember but then another time i totally forget, loving your post and your blog i followed you on gfc

  7. I've recently started using an organiser which has been so helpful! I'm guilty of always thinking of things I need to do but then forgetting them!

    Leah x


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